January Happenings at the SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club



Pictured: Tom Sacra, Susan Schwartz, Terry Caldwell, Elona Martin, Greg Hlushko, Ed Mandler; not shown: Jeff Bowen, Dan Plattner

(The article below was submitted to the Saddlebag Notes for publication at the end of February)

January was a busy month for the SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club! The SBTTC was honored to be the first club invited to play in a tournament against the SaddleBrooke Ranch Table Tennis Club on January 10th. Organized by Elona Martin of SaddleBrooke and John Hess of SaddleBrooke Ranch, SBTTC members Jeb Benter, Jeff Bowen, Bruce Capra, Fred Flanagan, Vlad Langer, Dan Plattner, and Bert Van Wagoner played singles and doubles matches at the Ranch. The SBTTC pulled out the win and a good time was had by all. A rematch between the two clubs will be hosted by the SBTTC in the spring.

In addition, the SBTTC had a table at the Activities Fair on January 19th and held an Open House for prospective members on Sunday, January 27th. The Open House was well attended and several people joined the club that day.

On January 25th, eight club members played in the Senior Olympics at the Armory Senior Center in Tucson. Greg Hlushko took home a gold medal in men’s singles and he and his partner, Tom Sacra, won gold in the men’s doubles tournament. Tom Sacra also won a silver in the men’s singles. Dan Plattner and his partner took home silver in the men’s doubles. Jeff Bowen played in the men’s singles tournament as well. All his matches were very close in scoring but unfortunately he did not take home a medal.

Ed Mandler had a busy day at the Senior Olympics, playing in the men’s singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles events. In the men’s singles, he won gold for his age group and in the men’s doubles, he took home a silver. With his partner Susan Schwartz, who was participating in the Senior Olympics for the first time, they won bronze medals in the mixed doubles event. Also playing mixed doubles, Elona Martin and her partner, Terry Caldwell, took home silver medals.

For more information about the SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club, visit their website at sbttc.wordpress.com.


SaddleBrooke Visits Quail Creek 12-9-2018

The SaddleBrooke Table Tennis Club played the Quail Creek Table Tennis Club at their facility in a team meet on Sunday December 9.

There were many close matches with SaddleBrooke holding their own with 8 to 8 matches in singles and Quail Creek winning 6 to 2 matches in doubles. Final tally was 14 to 10 in favor of Quail Creek.

Quail Creek has 4 tournament quality Joola tables. They were gracious hosts with everyone enjoying the sportsmanship and  tasty snacks.